Grapes and raisins can be toxic to dogs resulting in kidney failure. It is unknown at this time which part of the grape causes toxicity. Ingestion of as little as 1 or 2 grapes can result in toxicity. Not every dog or cat is susceptible and some dogs can tolerate large quantities of grapes or raisins without any clinical signs. Unfortunately, it cannot be determined which pets will experience toxicity and which will not. Currently, there is no information about whether or not grape juice might be toxic.

Clinical signs can be seen within a few hours. These include: vomiting, lethargy and decreased appetite. Other signs of kidney failure such as reduced or lack of urine production can happen within 24 hours.

For immediate ingestion, induction of vomiting is indicated. If vomiting is unsuccessful or if ingestion was too long ago for vomiting to be helpful then charcoal administration and aggressive intravenous fluid therapy will be necessary. Unfortunately, even with early and aggressive treatment prognosis is poor if signs of kidney failure appear as a result of raisin/grape toxicity.

If you think you pet may have eaten raisins or grapes please call us at 608-592-3232 immediately.

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