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Lodi Veterinary Care is a leader in companion animal medicine, wellness care, surgery, and urgent care needs. Our veterinary health care team is dedicated to you and your pets. We are committed to offering the breadth of skills and services necessary to keep your pets healthy and happy.

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​The goal at Lodi Veterinary Care is to provide every client and patient with the highest quality medicine and service. Our health care team, consisting of veterinarians, certified veterinary technicians, veterinary service specialists, veterinary technician assistants and boarding staff is dedicated to achieving this goal. Our compassionate team members are very educated in veterinary care and are a wonderful resource for any questions or concerns you may have.

Lodi Vet Companion Animal Services

Ally DVM

Ally DVM is a secure, private way to give you direct access to manage your pet’s health. You can view medical records, request appointments, request medication refills and contact our team.  Ally DVM has a mobile app – making managing your pet’s health care easy!

​Visit Ally DVM here!

Client Educational Material

Do you have questions about your pet’s health? Are you interested in searching accurate, reliable information regarding medical conditions and how to prevent disease? Check out our pet health care library for current, accurate information regarding care for your pet.

Lodi Vet Companion Animal Services
Second Chance Bernese Puppy

Second Chance

The Second Chance Fund is a non-profit organization founded by Lodi Veterinary Care. It provides a way for animals in need to get the medical care they need – and a second chance!

​Visit their website to learn more!

Latest How-to’s from our Blog

How-To: Giving Subcutaneous (SQ) Vitamin B12 Injection

How-To: Giving Subcutaneous (SQ) Vitamin B12 Injection

Take a new syringe from the package (syringes are single use only, call or visit us to get refills on syringes when needed) Draw up 0.25ml of the red Vitamin B12 solution (measure from the top of the black plunger).​ Pull up the skin between the shoulder blades to...

How-To: Giving a Pill to a Cat

How-To: Giving a Pill to a Cat

One thing to keep in mind is that cats will do their best to make pilling difficult. Cats are not too fond of having their mouths pried open, let alone allowing you to insert a pill in their mouth. Some cats will salivate excessively, so it is very important that you...

How-To: Cleaning Ears

How-To: Cleaning Ears

Physical Exam and Ear Swabs – WHY? It is important to have an exam by the doctor and perform diagnostics (i.e. Ear Swabs) to determine the cause of the ear infection. The doctor must evaluate the ear drum to verify it is intact before prescribing ear medication, as...

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