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The friendly equine team at Lodi Veterinary Care (LVC) is here to provide a high level of comfort and care for you and your horse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  From pleasure to performance, our goal is to provide the highest quality of progressive veterinary services for all levels of horsemanship. LVC aims to offer professional, compassionate, and efficient service to our clients and their horses, as well as pursing the goal of clinical excellence and working to further veterinary medicine. We offer advanced equine veterinary care for horses both on the farm and in our hospital.

Advanced Diagnostics & Therapeutics

We offer specialty services that allow us to treat your horse more effectively. Such services include: ultrasound, radiology, endoscopy, Game Ready therapy, laser therapy and shockwave treatment.

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LVC Growing Equestrian Scholarship (GES)

The Lodi Veterinary Care equine team is proud to offer a scholarship program to help individuals further their equestrian knowledge and improve their horsemanship skills. LVC’s Growing Equestrian Scholarships are to be used towards educational expenses with the goal of keeping young people involved in the equine industry. The LVC GES is intended to be used towards furthering education in an equine field of study, such as: college, tech school, farrier school, massage school, clinics, club expenses (Pony Club, FFA, 4H), conventions, and working student positions, etc.  Please contact with LVC equine division with further questions.

Client Resources

Check out our educational materials for the latest information on deworming, laminits, ticks, vaccines, and more!​


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Latest Equine Resources from our Blog

Vitamin E and Selenium for Your Horse

Vitamin E and Selenium for Your Horse

Vitamin E and Selenium are involved in many systems within the body. Selenium is a mineral which is important for wound healing, stress tolerance, fetal development, healthy hair coat, and detoxification of drugs and other chemicals. In addition, selenium is critical...

Our Gallant Geldings and the Importance of Sheath Cleaning

Our Gallant Geldings and the Importance of Sheath Cleaning

If you have geldings and get dental work done on them regularly you will be used to this familiar question from your veterinarian: “Would you like his sheath cleaned today?”. While many owners have geldings that are patient enough to have their sheaths cleaned without...

Equine Euthanasia and What Comes Next

Equine Euthanasia and What Comes Next

Making the decision to euthanize an equine companion is never easy. Even if the time may be right for our horse, it may not feel like the right time for us to be saying goodbye to our friend. The end of a beloved horse's life can be a very difficult time. Not only are...

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