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Lodi Veterinary Care is committed to providing the best quality of medical, surgical, and consulting services to our clients. Our livestock team combines a broad spectrum of experience and expertise to help you meet the health, welfare, and production goals for your animals. Click the links below to learn more about some of the services we offer.

Lodi Veterinary Care - Livestock

Animal Heath & Care Products


We offer a complete selection of medications and animal husbandry supplies at competitive prices. Products can be purchased at our clinic, or ordered for direct delivery to your home or farm.

Call (608) 592-7755 for more information or to place an order.

Veterinary Feed Directive


Effective January 1st, 2017, use of medicated feed for food animals requires a Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) issued by a licensed veterinarian. More information about VFDs can be found on the Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank website. If you have questions, or would like to schedule an appointment with a veterinarian to issue a VFD, please call our Lodi office.

Food Armor


Food Armor is a voluntary program committed to reducing instances of drug residues in meat and milk produced on dairy farms. Our Food Armor trained and accredited veterinarians can work with your dairy to identify risks and develop a plan for safe antibiotic use. For more information, visit the Food Armor website.

Latest Livestock Resources from our Blog

Septic Arthritis in Cattle

Septic Arthritis in Cattle

Septic arthritis (commonly known as joint infections) are common in all breeds of cattle and can be life threatening to the animal. They are most commonly seen in young calves as secondary infections to umbilical (navel) infections shortly after birth. They may also...

What You Need to Know Before Taking Your Pig to the Fair

What You Need to Know Before Taking Your Pig to the Fair

Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) and Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDv) are common diseases present in pig populations. PRRS is a viral respiratory and reproductive disease which causes abortions and infertility in adult sows. PEDv is a virus...

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