Advanced Reproduction

Our mission at Lodi Veterinary Care is to provide the highest quality reproductive services.  We pride ourselves on providing individualized care and maximizing genetic output for our beef and dairy producers.  The advanced reproduction team at Lodi Veterinary Care is dedicated to providing producers with the most up-to-date and effective technology available to achieve herd reproduction goals.

Livestock Advanced Reproduction

Conventional Embryo Flush

We provide conventional embryo flushing services both on-farm and and in-house at our Lodi donor handling facility. These services include preparing fresh embryos for immediate transfer or cryopreservation for future use.  We are committed to working with you and your donor animals to establish a specialized protocol that caters to your farm goals. Please call to discuss your specific interests.

Donor Housing

For your convenience, Lodi Veterinary Care offers excellent care for your donor at our donor herd facility. Use of this facility allows our doctors to closely monitor the estrous cycle and develop an optimal individual stimulation protocol. This can be beneficial for donors that have a history of silent heats, irregular cycling, or poor prior results. This can also be convenient for clients who are unable to follow the stimulation protocol on farm due to busy schedules. Our experienced team will follow the precise protocol and give injections at the correct intervals.

European Union Certified

Lodi Veterinary Care is European Union certified to collect, store and ship bovine embryos to EU countries.

Fresh and Frozen Embryo Transfer

Lodi Veterinary Care is AETA certified to transfer both fresh and frozen conventional or IVF embryos.  These services can be provided on farm or in our cattle handling facility.    

In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Services

Lodi Veterinary Care offers bovine Ovum Pick-Up (OPU) services at our climate-controlled Lodi donor handling facility. We are partnered with Trans Ova Genetics whom provides laboratory services for fertilization and maturation of bovine oocytes into embryos. Oocytes are sent to Trans Ova Genetics and returned back to our facility in seven days as fertilized embryos. Lodi Veterinary Care has a full, in-house team available to receive, grade, and transfer embryos into recipients. For clients that do not have recipients immediately available, we also offer cryopreservation for future use of the IVF embryos.

Lodi Veterinary Care is an EU certified facility with international transport capabilities.

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