Milk Quality and Diagnostic Laboratory

Our in-house laboratory allows us to obtain and share your results as quickly as possible. This ensures the best possible care for your animals. A veterinarian is also available to answer any questions you may have. In addition, our fast-growing milk quality laboratory is fully equipped to meet the specific needs of your dairy and maximize your profitability. Each culture result report includes information on how to interpret the results, as well as, the best treatment plans available.

Lodi Vet Milk Quality and Diagnostic Laboratory

In-House Diagnostic Testing

  • Blood analysis: complete blood count (CBC), chemistry panel, milk fever panel, fibrinogen, and more
  • Intestinal parasite analysis through fecal sample screening
  • Calf diarrhea panels
  • Antibiotic residue testing for: Polyflex, Today, Tomorrow, Albon, Naxcel, Excenel, Excede, Spectramast, Oxytet, Nuflor, Micotil, Pen G, Amoximast and others

Milk Quality Lab

  • Bacterial Culture (Rush results in 24 hours, routine results in 72 hours)
  • Prototheca Culture
  • Mycoplasma Culture (Cultures read on days 3, 7, and 10 to ensure prompt results for positive cultures)
  • Quantitative Bulk Tank (Monthly bulk tank cultures can serve as a screening tool for contagious pathogens)
  • String Sample Cultures (Pen or string sample cultures are useful methods to identify individual infected cows that appear on bulk tank cultures)
  • Waste Milk and Pasteurized Milk Cultures (Cultures measure the effectiveness of milk processing equipment to protect calves against milk-borne pathogens)

Referral Lab Samples

Lodi Veterinary Care offers referral laboratory services for companion animal, equine and livestock. A partial list of available tests is provided below. If your clinic would like to submit a sample, please fill out the submission form and submit it with your sample. Submissions can be made via mail to our Lodi office or dropped off at any of our three locations. For further information on available tests, pricing, or identifying the right test for your patient, please contact our office.​

  • Routine milk culture
  • Mycoplasma milk culture
  • Prototheca milk culture
  • Bulk tank quantitative culture
  • Calf milk/colostrum quantitative culture
  • Premi and Meatsafe Antibiotic residue test
  • CBC
  • Fibrinogen
  • Serum Biochemistry
  • Etc.

Partnership with Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory & Marshfield Labs

We are proud to partner with Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, as well as Marshfield Labs, to provide more extensive laboratory services for our clients.  These services include but are not limited to:

  • Johnes testing
  • Necropsy and tissue analysis
  • BVD testing
  • BLV testing
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