We are very excited to have acquired a new ultrasound machine! Ultrasound has many valuable applications in the field of equine veterinary medicine. 

A few of the more common uses include:

  1. Reproductive: Ultrasound can be used to visualize the mare’s reproductive tract to help stage breeding, check for ovulation, and manage causes of infertility.

  2. Colic: ultrasound is a quick, non-invasive tool in formulating an accurate diagnosis and therefore assisting with prognosis and treatment. For example, it can help in assessing the volume and type of free fluid in the abdomen; the small intestinal contents, motility, and wall thickness, and positioning of the large colon.

  3. Sports medicine: Sequential imaging of a tendon lesion is used to track healing so that controlled exercise and rehabilitation programs can be adjusted accordingly.

  4. Ophthalmology: if unable to directly visualize the back of the eye (ex. due to glaucoma, trauma, or constricted pupil), ultrasound can be used to determine if the retina is attached and help provide a prognosis for vision.

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