Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Boarding & Daycare Stays

We know it’s a big decision to allow someone else to care for you beloved pet – we take the responsibility very seriously and strive to provide the best care for your pet while you are away.  Below are the most common questions we receive regarding pet’s staying with us.  If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us – we are happy to help!

How many times do dogs go out for bathroom breaks & for how long each time?

  • Boarding dogs get outside for bathroom and mini play time five times a day for about 7-10 minutes weather dependant
  • Daycare dogs have two play times out with friends for a total of 4 hours a day
    • For inclement weather, dogs primarily play in the indoor play area with potty breaks outside every 15-20 minutes

How large are the boarding kennels?

  • Dog Boarding Kennels: 4 ft x6 ft or 4 ft x8 ft
    • We make sure 4 ft x 8 ft runs are used for large dogs and/or dogs sharing a single kennel
  • Cat Boarding Kennels:   34 in x 34 in x 27 in
    • Cat Suites consist of two kennels, each 22 in x 22 in x 27 in connected by a short tunnel

Can dogs from different families share a kennel for boarding?

  • Yes!

What is a typical day for a Daycare dog – how long in playgroup vs kennel?

  • Arrive, greet, get daycare collar on, get daycare treat 🙂
  • Rest in kennel until and in between play times
    • Group 1: 8AM-10AM and 12PM-2PM
    • Group 2: 10AM-12PM and 2PM-4PM

What is a typical day for a boarding dog?

  • Good morning! Potty break/snuggles/mini play time – early morning
  • Breakfast (YUM)
  • After breakfast potty break/snuggles/mini play time
  • Lunch or treat if needed/elected (YUM)
  • Potty break/snuggles/mini play time – noon
  • Pre-Dinner potty break/snuggles/mini play time
  • Dinner (YUM)
  • Potty break/snuggles/mini play time – evening (Good night!)

What is a typical day for a boarding cat?

  • Good morning! Check litter box and snuggles – early morning
  • Breakfast (YUM)
  • Lunch or treat if needed/elected (YUM)
  • Check litter box and snuggles – noon
  • Dinner (YUM)
  • Check litter box and snuggles  – evening (Good night!)

Should I bring my pet’s bed, blanket, toys, food dishes, etc.?

  • Yes, whatever you feel your pet would like to have to make their stay most comfortable please bring
    • We do have water & food dishes, kuranda beds (raised beds), lots of cozy blankets, and an array of toys here for boarding animals as well

Can dogs climb out the tops of kennels? Do we provide a covering?

  • We do have covered kennels for those expert dog climbers

Can pets be fed separately if they steal food?

  • Yes! Please let us know and there is also a check box on the admission form to please feed pets separately

Can hospital boarding animals have VIPS and/or spa services?

  • Yes, hospital boarding animals can have VIP’s and spa services. If the reason for hospital boarding is overdue vaccines, the VIP Playgroup (Daycare) is not an option, however

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