Synovex-One Grass cattle implant


SYNOVEX® ONE GRASS administration to stocker steers and heifers is proven to increase gain and help stretch out performance when forage is still available for grazing beyond 140 days, which provides marketing flexibility not available with shorter-duration implants.

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Use:  SYNOVEX ONE GRASS is approved for increased rate of weight gain for up to 200 days for stocker steers and heifers.

Key Features:

Delivers the proven 10:1 ratio of TBA:E2 (150 mg of trenbolone acetate and 21 mg of estradiol benzoate equivalent to 15 mg E2) with a patented polymer barrier that extends the formulation payout up to 200 days2
Enhances operational efficiency by delivering implant performance almost twice as long as conventional implants, providing flexibility to graze beyond the time conventional implants run out
A flexible and convenient implant

Administered with the SX10 Precision Applicator — like all SYNOVEX implants — featuring an exclusive retractable needle for consistent, accurate placement†
Can be stored at room temperature until the package is opened

Directions: One implant (six pellets) is administered to each steer and heifer by subcutaneous implantation in the middle one-third of the ear.

Precaution: Do not use SYNOVEX ONE GRASS in veal calves. Not for use in dairy or beef replacement heifers. Refer to label for complete directions for use, precautions, and warnings.

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