Bovikalc calcium bolus


Bovikalc boluses provide a quick and sustained release form of calcium to help maintain blood calcium levels in the periparturient cow.
Boluses are administered orally by a specially designed applicator gun and have a protective coating to guard against esophageal irritation.
Ideally initial bolus is given at calving and second one 12 hours later.

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Use:  BOVIKALC oral calcium supplement provides fast and extended support of blood calcium levels in freshening dairy cows.

Key Features:  

  • The BOVIKALC bolus will disintegrate quickly in the rumen. The calcium chloride is available immediately, while the calcium sulfate will provide sustained release of calcium.
  • Provides both quick and sustained calcium supplementation that supports blood serum calcium levels at a time when calcium is in great demand
  • A specially formulated and designed bolus helps provide a safe administration and better calcium availability
  • Easy to administer

Directions:  Give one bolus of BOVIKALC prior to or immediately after, calving and a second bolus twelve hours later.


  • BOVIKALC should not be used for initial treatment of milk fever.
  • Do not use BOVIKALC for cows lying down or showing signs of milk fever.
  • Do not use excessive force when giving the bolus to the cow.
  • Read and follow all label directions.

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